Solid.Ph goes green with Solar Farm in Pangasinan

The venture of Solid.Ph in renewable energy paved the way for building its own solar farm in Santa Barbara, Pangasinan. The solar farm uses solar photovoltaic (PV) systems or commonly referred to as solar panels to collect the sun’s power. These solar panels are installed via ground mount carport configuration across large areas. The solar farm, also called as solar carport due to its mounting structure for a carport, is one of the projects of SolidGreen Energy, the sustainable energy brand of Solid.Ph. SolidGreen Energy engineers and supplies affordable solar PV systems for residential, commercial, and industrial consumers in the Philippines.

To save and reduce costs on the electric bill are two of the reasons why some residential owners, even commercial businesses, opted to switch to solar energy. The solar farm operates as a solar photovoltaic plant making it the source of solar energy across the yard of Solid.Ph in Pangasinan. The installation of 40 kWp Hybrid solar PV systems in the yard composed of 90 solar panels resulted in 100% solar powered yard with net-metering. According to Department of Energy (DoE), “Net-metering is the first non-fiscal incentive mechanism fully implemented under the Renewable Energy (RE) Act of 2008. Through the installation of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels up to 100 kW, house owners and commercial establishments can now partly satisfy their electricity demand by themselves.”

Solar farms, also known as solar parks or solar power farms are a great investment, and they can help meet the country’s growing demand for power. These solar projects are seen to generate long-term income as a cheap energy source, and it will benefit the agricultural sector, particularly the farmlands. The Philippines has immense potential for renewable energy resources, such as solar and the development of these solar fields can be an aid in reducing the country’s heavy dependence on fossil fuels. With the climate change making itself more evident in all sorts of ways, the solar farm is the non-polluting alternative to fossil fuels in providing power on a larger scale. This contributes to a cleaner and more environment-friendly energy source as solar PV systems produce low or minimal carbon footprints.


The SolidGreen Energy brand aims to build more solar facilities in the Philippines. It plans to expand its vision to promote renewable energy solutions all over the country like the solar farm. Solid.Ph’s Solar carport is located at 1000 Sta. Barbara – Mangaldan Road, Brgy. Malanay, Sta. Barbara. For further inquiries, you may call 0917 171 1000 to talk to a SolidGreen Energy sales representative or leave us a message here. You may check out these SolidGreen Energy products to learn more.

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