Solid Source Trading, also known as Solid Source, was established in the year 2013 as sole proprietorship, founded by Engr. Antonio Manas Jr. For over 20 years, Engr. Manas has gained great experience in the construction industry and was able to develop urban-friendly, premium quality-serviced communities and mid-rise projects for several developers.  Through this journey, he saw the need and growth opportunity for gabion baskets in the Philippines. This gave birth to Solid Source Trading and the brand Solid Gabion was created.

Solid Source Trading continued to expand and became a familiar name in supplying high quality gabion cages to the growing construction industry. Aside from the head office in Metro Manila, Solid Source Trading has expanded to Isabela, Pangasinan, and Davao.

With the growing sales, market potential and the expansion plan of Solid Source, Solid Source Trading Corporation was incorporated in the year 2018. This gave way to the growth of the product line.

Solid Source Trading Corporation created SOLID.PH as a new trade name.  Supplying not only Gabions, but also Foldable Containers, Portalets and Solar PV Systems. SOLID.PH is serving numerous projects across the Philippines and have established unparalleled customer service that provide support to every client, building strong business relationships with every project taken.


We provide achievable, affordable, and accessible solutions by continuous development of seamless processes and expertise while expanding our reach throughout the country.


To be the preferred brand in construction, agriculture, and sustainable energy to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of Filipinos.

Core Values



We are honest, trustworthy, and consistent with our commitments. We do what we say we will do.



We treat everyone with dignity and operate in good faith. We listen and value the voice of our employees, customers, and partners.



We provide products and services that meet customer expectations. We strive to be excellent in everything we do, ensuring consistency and accountability within the company.

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Our team and customers have the confidence to depend on us because of our expertise and ability to deliver the highest quality materials. Despite obstacles, we get things done when we say we’ll get them done.

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We provide solutions to key issues of the Philippines in construction, agriculture, and sustainable energy to increase efficiency, effectiveness and create competitive advantage through our products and services.

Our Branches
Our offices and warehouses are located in the following locations:
  • Metro Manila
  • Isabela
  • Pangasinan
  • Cebu
  • Davao